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Our strengths

Producing quality objects is one thing, carrying out studies is another. We believe working simultaneously in both directions creates a balance in one's work.

Our clients benefit from a broad spectrum of skills in the field of research and development provided by our team. The creation of finished products permits us to keep our feet on the ground while our thoughts target the sky. Therefore, Orythie works both from the point of view of a developer and a prime contractor. Our strong points are:

Cross-sectoral approach

The variety of our projects testifies to our multi-disciplinary approach, much appreciated by our clients.

Beyond our main fields, our skills include electricity, electronics, computer science, civil engineering, organisation, methodology and sociology.


Cross-disciplinary work encourages innovation. When different disciplines come together, unexpected solutions can be found. The necessity of translating one's intentions to a different language brings about a unique perspective, thanks to the frequent use of analogies and the practice of systematic differences.

Our contribution to the universe of innovation in France is recognized by the Minister of Higher Education and Research. Orythie is also licensed for Crédit d'Impôt Recherche (CIR - Tax Credit for Research) and Jeune Entreprise Innovante (JEI - Young, Innovative Enterprise).


Our wide experience with prototypes guaranties our familiarity with concrete, daily problems such as the coordination of different types of stakeholders, both public and private, functioning with different logics and pursuing different objectives, handling delays and more broadly all the unexpected mishaps occurring throughout the creative process.

This allows us to make flexibility and perseverance a priority in the support we bring to your project.


According to your needs, we can provide our services on an occasional basis for a simple study, an expert assessment, or training, or we can work with you across the entirety of a project, whether it be an object, a machine or a structure.


Our small and human structure allows us to handle your project in a personal and adapted way.

We help you to express your needs and communicate with you throughout the development you entrust to us. In addition, we document all of our actions according to frameworks specific to the type of project.


We provide our services all over the world.