visuel enceinte acoustique

Alecto the sound weaver

("...) "Music for a while
Shall all your cares beguile:
Wondering how your pains were eas'd.
And disdaining to be pleas'd,

Till Alecto free the dead.
From their eternal bands,
Till the snakes drop from her head,
And the whip from out her hands."(...")

"Music for a While," Henry Purcell Z. 583 no. 2, from Orpheus Britannicus, Vol. II

Its horn load speaker allows for a progressive pairing of frequencies emitted by its speakers that will fill your interior with lively music.


A crystal-clear sound resolution and a balanced design gives it an irresistible charm.

Let yourself be enchanted.

Description of the casing

In order to be perfectly integrated into its environment, Alecto can be envisaged with different finishes, with a lacquered or sanded surface. Its casing can be adapted to a variety of interiors from oriental to cyperpunk, respecting the delicate balance between tradition and modernity.


The midrange casing is asymmetrical in order to reproduce the sound without the marked directivity associated with the form. The treble casing respects the revolutionary symmetry to bring the sound field to the middle of the room.

A resistive load in the midrange allows for an efficient absorption of the speaker, thus giving a fast impulse response.


Technical characteristics s

The midrange and treble speakers contain powerful magnets in Alnico, a mix of rare-earth metals with high magnetisation.

The characteristics defined below are given for a complete system of two speaker units and associated enclosure.

Several support legs are suggested in order to satisfy the wishes of each

Acoustic characteristics

55 - 23.000 Hertz +/-3 dB
Dispersion H x V
140 x 100 degrees
97 dB / Watt at 1 Meter
Maximal power
400 Watts RMS
Maximal sound level
119 dB at 1 Meter
Nominal Impedance
8 Ohms
Number of ways
Treble speaker
Compression 25 milliMeter
Midrange speaker
Compression 45 milliMeter
Bass Speaker
Electrodynamic 300 milliMeter
Bass load principle
Bass-reflex - Exponential vent
Passive or active
Frequencies of filtration
1.200 - 16.000 Hertz
Internal cables and connector
Silver-coated pure copper
Body Material
Ceramic or granite
Dimensions H x W x D
1.2 x 0.6 x 0.7 meter
95 Kilograms

Waterfall in an auditorium

Physical characteristics

Size of a speaker unit
2.1 x 0.7 x 0.7 Mètre
Size of the subwoofer
0.8 x 0.8 x 0.9 Mètre
Céramique hautes performances ou résine
Weight of a speaker unit
75 Kilogrammes
Weight of the subwoofer
82 Kilogrammes