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Custom-made systems

The speakers presented here represent only a sample of our experience.
It is also possible for us to custom design a sound-diffusion system, adapted to your tastes and the layout of your residence.

In order to do so, we define the specifications according to your wishes and then take care of the rest.

Each speaker system set is therefore a unique creation.

In order to respect the coherence of your interior, we can reproduce an existing element, or create it from scratch in order to perfectly integrate it to its environment. Along these lines, you can choose to order a piece of furniture with integrated speakers, take part in its design and thereby complete your personal collection.


Integration in furnishings: each furniture element of a certain size can serve as a base for the integration of a sound system.

If you wish to have a discreet diffusion system, integrating speaker systems into the walls allows for a complete camouflage.

Create the surprise!

Give life to your furniture, transform your living-room in an orchestra pit: imagine a portmanteau becoming a clarinet player, let the sofa display a crazy violin jitter, sit down in a contrabass armchair and let it wrap your body with waves, and finally lean over a symphonic counter.

Play the game of musical chairs ...

Each piece of furniture can conceal a sound-diffusion element. Thus, a lamp becomes a discreet source and a dresser displays layers of sound waves among the tablecloth and towels.


In order to make the most of music and the sound tracks of films, we measure the acoustic characteristics of every sound reproduction system on site in order to define the strengths and points for improvement. Internal acoustic and electroacoustic studies allow us to recommend well-adapted solutions for the improvement of a system.

Audit of acoustic reproduction systems: the quality of sound in a space is the function of two inseparable parameters: the internal acoustics and the fidelity of the system of sound reproduction.

We analyse the following parameters in an architectural space:

And the parameters of an electroacoustic system:

We can make suggestions to improve an architectural space:

And suggestions to improve electroacoustic systems:

When working on a sensitive site, either due to a noisy environment from which it is necessary to install protections, or an environment that must be protected from the noise produced, a complete study of the architectural acoustics is necessary.