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Orythie's speaker systems are specially designed to combine visual bliss and acoustic delight.

Our R&D department and workshops are located in Paris. Here we benefit from the close collaboration and assistance of the best craftsmen specialized in the different techniques we combine to produce a unique sensorial experience.

In order to develop a new generation of speakers, we have combined the traditional know-how of renown and talented luthiers and classical sound diffusion system manufacturers with non-conventional technologies and methods, inspired by the latest developments in fluid mechanics, electronics and material science.

The creation of a speaker takes several steps, each one of them being carefully crossed.

The results are worth it, thanks to the innovations that can be found in each detail of the finished work.

The elaborate elegance of the result is in harmony with its musical equilibrium. This is all about Orythie's speaker system philosophy. We present here schematically the main steps of conception and realization of our set of speakers.

The marriage of technics and art ...