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A key step, the fabrication catalyzes long moments of research and design with the constraints of the material shaped according to the plans that we have determined.

Each piece is produced individually, using the best industrial tools for obtaining a superior precision. The respect of CAD models can only be achieved using state of the art technology. This is why we make use of numerically-controlled machining centres.

This being said, nothing equals the human hand when it comes to take care of the slightest details, using the correct pressure on each tool and thus obtaining perfection.

The implementation of materials chosen during the conception and/or design phases, implies following well elaborated and fully tested methods. Whether working with wood, stone, metal or resin, a specific craft intervenes, and we draw different resources among the best craftsmen available.


Orythie speaker systems are created one by one in our workshop by attentive and passionate artisans. Unique or in very limited edition, assembled by hand, each model is numbered, signed and stamped with the name of its buyer.